Summary of Business

We supply various materials from materials necessary for iron and steel and cast metals to materials for building and landscape, such as wooden doors and granite. We check all processes from quality to manufacture and shipping to ensure the supply of high-quality materials. We also confirm how materials are used at production sites where materials are actually used, study and review the requests on the spot, and reflect them in our material supply activities in order to meet their requests.

Main Business Contents

 Steelmaking Material Department

1.Sales of various subsidiary materials for steelmaking
(Fluorite, coke, anthracite, recarburizing materials, various refractories, alloy iron, aluminum ash, deoxidizing materials, silica sand, lime, heat-insulating materials, electrodes, sulfide iron ore, olivine sand, others)

2.Sales of various subsidiary materials for casting
(Silica sand, bentonite, zircon sand, various refractories, alloy iron, recarburizing materials, add-in materials, heat-insulating materials, others)

 Ceramic Raw Material Department

Processing and sales of raw materials for refractories
(Dead-burned magnesia, fused magnesia, raw bauxite, chamotte, SiC, various raw materials for alumina, others)

 Trading Department

Importation of minerals, building materials and chemicals from China and other Asian countries
(Fluorite, coke, Dead-burned magnesite, Calcined magnesite, fused magnesite, coke, recarburizing materials, raw bauxite, SiC, calcined flint clay, wooden doors, granite, marble, soda silicate, magnesium chloride)

 Refractory Material Department

Manufacture and sales of irregularly shaped refractories (Cooperative plant in Tochigi)

 Recycle Department

Recycle of wastes from manufactures of iron and steel and cast steel
(Slag, refractory brick fragments, dust)

 Pyritic Ishibe gate

A carefully selected dressing up and the size of a pyritic stone to answer needs of each industrial world for steel manufacture, for smelting, for the grinding whetstone, and for the glass will answer various grain degrees to the unit of the micron from largeness and massive goods of the inside and the smallness.



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