Main Products

Here are some of our products related to the manufacture of iron and steel, cast iron and ceramics.

Materials for steelmaking and casting

Fluorite,Coke,Anthracite,Deoxidizing material (aluminum),Heat insulating material

Some of subsidiary materials used for the steelmaking and casting

Fluorite,Deoxidizing material (aluminum),Silica sand,Anthracite,Coke,Sulfide iron ore,Zircon sand,Heat insulating material,Ferrosilicon


China and Mexico are main production centers of fluorite. Japan imports fluorite for 100,000 tons a year. Fluorite is used mainly as solvent for steelmaking and raw material for fluoride. Since we started treating fluorite outputted from Hiraiwa Mine, Gifu Prefecture, in around 1950, fluorite has been one of our main products.


China, Vietnam are main production centers of anthracite. Japan imports anthracite for 5,000,000 tons or more a year. We sell anthracite mainly as recarburizing material.

Raw materials for ceramics

Mullite,Raw bauxite,SiC,Calcined kaolin

A part of raw materials for ceramics (refractories)

Magnesia clinker,Mullite,SiC,Raw bauxite,WA,Serpentinite,Calcined kaolin,Molten silica,Calcined flint cla,ٺ,Brown alumina,Silica sand,ٻ,Scaled grahite,Cyanite,Randalusite

Magnesia clinker

China are main production centers of magnesia clinker. Japan imports magnesia clinker for about 200,000 tons a year. We have been importing magnesia clinker from China since around 1980.

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