Environmental Policy

 Basic philosophy

We shall conduct business activities by using our total power in order to propose and promote the effective use of limited natural resources and make good use of them. On the other hand, all our employees shall conduct themselves considering the environmental preservation and protection in every aspect of our activities.


PF We shall observe the environment-related international conventions, the environmental laws and regulations of Japan and related countries and other requirements that we have accepted.

QFWe shall appreciate the impacts of our business activities on the environment, set up our environmental objective and goal, review them for continuous improvement, and thereby prevent the environmental pollution.

RF We shall treat the following activities as our primary themes:

PASelecting products having low environmental impact, and promoting the sales of such products

QAReducing wastes from our operations, and improving and reusing the packaging materials and methods of products to be sold

October 1, 2006
Ejiri Chuzai Co., Ltd.
Atsunori Ejiri

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