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Privacy Policy

At this site, based on the laws and guidelines such as "Act on the Protection of Personal Information", we'll treat the personal information (related to collecting, using, providing, managing and disposing) correctly as a management company "Ejiri Chuzai Co., Ltd".
We'll treat the personal information as following.

Basic Policy

We recognize the importance of the personal information of business associates and customers which the company uses for business purposes.
Based on this recognition, all directors and employers of the company observe laws, ordinances, and other regulations, internal rules, etc.
Pertaining to the protection of personal information to ensure proper handling and safe, sure management of personal information, and continually review, maintain, and improve the handling and management thereof.

Handling of Personal Information

  1. Collection of personal information
    We use lawful and just mean to acquire personal information, and obtain the consent of the person who is the subject of personal information or give notification of necessary matters on the our internet website.
  2. Purposes of use of personal information
    We use the personal informations that we possess for the purposes related to the business activities, the customer analysis, and the analysis for product development.
    In case personal information is used jointly with a third party or is entrusted with a third party for outsourcing of business, we maintains the level of protection of personal information by investigating the third party, concluding necessary agreements, etc.
  3. Provision of personal information to third parties
    We'll not supply personal information to third parties, except under the following situations:
    • In the event where we have obtained the consent of the customer.
    • In case the personal information is disclosed in a form that can not be used to identify a specific customer.
    • In case the personal information is disclosed to the extent deemed necessary by us to a company with which we have signed confidentiality agreements.
    • In the event where we provide customer's personal information to financial institutions related to the customer's finance.
    • In case we provide customer's personal information to third parties when we need to refer to the opinions of subcontractor for provide informations and products.
    • In case we order credit information agency to investigate.
    • In case we provide customer's personal information to judicial scrivener, land-and-house-investigator, and moving company when customer bought buildings from us.
    • In case where we are requested by a judicial or administrative authority or institution under applicable laws and regulations, etc.
    • In the event where provision or disclosure is necessary for the purpose of protecting the life, body, or property of an individual and where it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
  4. Management of personal information
    We maintain the accuracy of personal information and manage the same in a safe, sure manner.
    In order to prevent taking-out from our company, transmission outside the company, loss, destruction, falsification, and leaks of personal information, the company implements appropriate information security measure.
  5. Disclosure of personal information
    We recognize the right of individuals to request disclosure, correction, prevention of use, deletion, and so on of their own personal information, and responds promptly in case of such requests.

January 2018
Ejiri Chuzai Co., Ltd.
Atsunori Ejiri, President

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